Top 105 Biology Research Topics

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind while talking about biology research paper titles? Well, it’s life I’m sure. As Bio revolves around life. Everything related to life, and not only human life but every living thing. It could be plants, animals, birds, fishes, and of course humans. That’s why dissertation topics are mostly related to life. Moreover, it is a vast field and you have a plethora of options to choose from, the secret is that you keep all your options open before you zero down on one.

While writing, you might ask yourself which titles would you like to address? Well, I would say everyone has their interests and preferences. Listen to your heart, and then jot down a topic that you really feel matters to you. One that might interest you the most. By just considering a few points you can make your biological topics stand out.

  • Choose a relevant topic. Your, readers, and audience interest.
  • Good titles are based on latest research and its impact in the scientific world
  • Try to choose a topic which is currently in news

Remember debate titles might vary from those of thesis topics or report topics. So, first, consider the purpose of your search for a topic. And then look for interesting topics in that category. Because searching random science titles might over-burden your work.

What Are Some Good Dissertation Titles?

What are good topics to research? Would I be able to find content on this topic? Where should I begin from? How much time would I need to finish the research paper? These all questions might cross your mind, but the good thing is that you are not alone.

Regarding your topic, well, it could be anything or from any offshoot of biology. Just remember to choose the one that you are passionate about and confident. Because research projects can impact and influence other theories of the past or future. Remember that at the end of the day the idea that you choose should have ample information available on the internet as without it you would be lost.

Here I have compiled a list of topics. These are the most controversial ideas among research projects. Once you are done with your topic try to look for a biology research paper example for your selected topic, and would ease the process of writing a research paper.


Here are some of the research worthy ideas of molecular biology. While writing on these topics, don’t forget to stay updated with your topic.

  • 1. Phenomena of Behavioral Epigenetics
  • 2. Insulin Production
  • 3. Stem Cell Treatment
  • 4. DNA Telomerase
  • 5. Protein Metabolism
  • 6. How Do Humans Originate? Molecular Evidence
  • 7. Production of Growth Hormone
  • 8. Raw Metals’ Shortage
  • 9. Cancer Treatment and Molecular Biology
  • 10. Translations’ Propagation Analysis
  • 11. How Telomerase Is Linked with Cancer and Aging?
  • 12. Human DNA Experiments and Associated Risks
  • 13. How to Conduct Research in Molecular Biology?
  • 14. Genetics in Lifetime Prolongation
  • 15. Modern Medicine and Personal Genome
  • 16. How Do Genetically Adapted Crops Help in the Economy?


Evolutionary biology paper titles are the easiest and also perhaps the most interesting titles too, I guess. Especially to those who have interest in this topic. You can easily start your draft on one of the following.

  • 17. Stalk Morphology
  • 18. Sexual Conflicts and Selection
  • 19. Plants Origination: Evolutionary Theory
  • 20. The appearance of New Species in The Wild
  • 21. Developmental Biology; Hippo Pathway
  • 22. Cell Pigmentation in Plants
  • 23. Evolution of Parasites with Time
  • 24. Role of Photosynthesis in Plant Organisms
  • 25. Anatomical Functions and Structure
  • 26. Vitamins, Antibiotics, And Enzymes in Cells; Physiologically Active Substances
  • 27. Coevolution of Host-Parasite
  • 28. Phytohormones
  • 29. Proteins, Starch, And Fats as Spare Substances in Plant Cells


Marine biology paper titles could be very interesting yet demanding. Demanding in a way that they need a lot of effort and attention. Marine life topics could turn out to be very rewarding. Especially if you are daring and hard-working. But don’t get over-excited. And must read at least 2 to 3 marine biology research papers to get a deep insight into it.

  • 30. Functions and Biodiversity in Marine Biology
  • 31. Coral Reef Biology
  • 32. How Do Marine Microorganisms Are Affected by Global Warming?
  • 33. Co2 Cycles in Glacial-Interglacial and Marine Biology
  • 34. Seamounts Biology
  • 35. Dwindling of Lobster Population
  • 36. Biodiesel Creation
  • 37. Predation and Recruitment Problems in Larvae and Eggs of Marine Fishes
  • 38. Marine Birds’ Biology
  • 39. Use of Bioluminescence
  • 40. How Is Biotechnology Linked with Marine Biology?
  • 41. How Is Mass Fishing affecting Worlds’ Oceans?
  • 42. GMO Organisms Oil Break Down in Maritime Accidents
  • 43. How Did the Toxic Compound’s Absorbing Microbes Work in Water?
  • 44. Role of Marine Chemistry in Marine Biology: Metal Growth Etc.
  • 45. Biofilms to Absorb Pollution
  • 46. Marine Show: Characteristics and Significance
  • 47. Herbivorous Fishes and Their Overgrazing Algae

Biology Dissertation Ideas For High School

High school biology papers are the easiest ones. Because these are centered around ideas that mostly depend on the basic concepts of human biology. High school students are assigned these titles and science reports or even the academic papers. But the purpose is the same. Just to make students understand the concepts and working of their lives.

High school biology projects are mostly assigned to write a review or essay. Or it could just be some practice or reading biology research papers. And I guess it’s better to assign students the presentation titles. The presentation helps in exploring knowledge. Here’s a list of research topics for college students. Whether you are a teacher or student it would help you a lot.

  • 48. Sleep Disorder
  • 49. Can A Human Brain Overhaul?
  • 50. Physical Exercise and Metabolism
  • 51. Effect of Music on Brain
  • 52. Cloning in Genes
  • 53. Asthma Reasons
  • 54. Allergic Reactions
  • 55. Early Symptoms of Depression
  • 56. Studies on Birds’ Behavior
  • 57. Sea Animals’ Camouflage
  • 58. Is Organic Farming Helpful?
  • 59. How Is Rainforest Extinction Affecting Climates Changes?
  • 60. Acid Rains, Smog, And Ozone Holes
  • 61. Biodiversity and Climate Changes.

Biology Research Ideas For College Students

Science topics for college students fall in the medium category of difficulty. Or we can say scientific topics are the enhanced version of high school topics. You are assumed to be familiar with the basic concept of controversial ideas in biology. So now you need some high-level knowledge.

College biology projects should allow students to dig deeper into the knowledge. And not just that, they should be intrigued to conduct research on that topic. Here’s a list of topics for college students. Explore these topics and remember to search for the latest findings.

  • 62. Immune System and Stress
  • 63. Effect of Aging in Infertility
  • 64. Importance of Hormones, Vitamins, And Enzymes in Body
  • 65. DNA Technology in Medical Genetics
  • 66. Role of Proteomics and Transcriptomics in Modern Medicine
  • 67. How Does Drinking, Smoking, And Drugs Affect Embryonic Development?
  • 68. Genetic Polymorphism
  • 69. Use of Fertilizers on Plants
  • 70. Plants Disease Resistance Ability
  • 71. Plant Pathology Precautionary Measures
  • 72. Process of Photosynthesis
  • 73. Invasive Plants
  • 74. Fats, Pigmentation, And Ash Elements in Plant
  • 75. House Pets Obesity
  • 76. Male Animals’ Pregnancy
  • 77. Artificial Ecosystems and Biological Productivity
  • 78. Role of Private and Government Health Care Departments In Public Health

Thesis Ideas For Undergraduates

Undergraduate dissertation ideas are the most advanced. As the level of education raises, your standards of research should also increase. Human and cell biology research topics are the most common topics in this regard.

However, with the growing agricultural demand topics on plants are also common. But usually among agriculture students.

Here are some titles for undergrad research. For undergraduate students I would advise selecting:

  • related topic (to your field of study),
  • interesting and latest bio topics and
  • choose a topic which you would wish to continue in your higher studies

Keeping these in mind, list a few topics. Search on each topic deeply and select the one or two that are more relating to your interests. Then look for some relevant research paper samples on the selected topics. And start with your draft.

Here are some academic paper topics for undergraduate students.

  • 79. Biosphere Stability and Human Activities
  • 80. Darwin’s Evolution Theory
  • 81. Metastasis Mechanism in Cancer Patients
  • 82. The Process of Removing Cancer Cells Without Affecting Other Cells
  • 83. The appearance of Tumor Suppressor Genes
  • 84. Genes Therapy
  • 85. Discovery Of Natural Selection Theory
  • 86. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek; Father of Microbiology
  • 87. How to Analyze HTT Gene That Causes Huntington’s Disease
  • 88. The activity of Brain in Epileptic Seizure
  • 89. Memory Processing
  • 90. Can Probiotics Affect Infections?
  • 91. Primate Cognitive Functions and Language

Controversial Science Titles For Research Paper

Finding controversial yet interesting research topics isn’t an easy job. So, let me help you with few contemporary research topics. Thesis titles are always appreciated as they usually cater the latest biological news. However, the most controversial research paper topics could be about diseases. Like nowadays COVID-19 is one of the hottest issues of biological sciences.

Before going for the controversial scientific topics to research, remember you need a lot of effort for these. You can use the years’ old theories, but you have to update your research that should lead to the topic. A lot of people and researchers will be following your research. So, don’t propose anything based on mere assumptions and without legit evidence. Here I am suggesting some latest yet interesting academic paper topics. Choose an interesting topic and kick start your paper. You can also contact any professional academic or project writer or company in this regard.

  • 92. How Do Probiotics Prevent Infections?
  • 93. Darwin’s Theory: Latest Perspectives
  • 94. History of Vaccination: Edward Jenner
  • 95. Modifications in Human DNA
  • 96. Heavy Metals Absorption by Microbes and Plants
  • 97. Harmful Impacts of Beauty Products
  • 98. Neurobiology Trends and Studies
  • 99. How Does Long Term Use of Antibiotics Affect Your Body?
  • 100. CoronaVirus: Causes, Precautions, And Medications
  • 101. Genetic Disorders: Reasons and Preventive Measures
  • 102. Most Effective Therapy in Treating Cancer
  • 103. Neurobiology and Its Future
  • 104. Comparison of Home Remedies Vs Antibiotics to Boost Immune System
  • 105. Human Cloning: Features, Ethics, And Experiments