How To Write A Nursing School Admission Essay That Stands Out?

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Are you one of those inspired aspirants applying for nursing college? Your intentions should be appreciated and so does your efforts. I am sure you must have prepared a lot for your admission. But sometimes your aspirations might not reflect in your statement of purpose. The reasons might be 

  • Lack of understanding of the importance of entrance essay 
  • You might lack the convincing vigor required to impress the admission committee 

Nothing to worry really, if any of these things are causing a hindrance in the way of your writing essays for school admission then you’ve landed at the right place. We will cover every aspect of the entrance essay for the nursing program here.

Introduction to the essay

Beginning statements are equally important as the first impression. Your starting paragraph is the reflection of your entire essay and hence should be impressive. Think of it as the evaluator would only read a couple of lines, so what would you want him to read about yourself that would invoke curiosity. 

  • Start in a way that intrigues the writer’s interest in reading more about you in your school entrance essay.
  • It is better to describe the value of nursing or nursing program in a unique and compelling way that showcases your interest as well as knowledge.
  • Choose words very wisely. Go for the ones that not only highlight your interest in the program but also impart your efforts in formulating this piece of writing

What tone should you adhere to in the school entrance essay?

Whenever you are writing an application or business document use the formal tone and language. Don’t follow the conversational tone as it seems to be very casual and cheesy sometimes. After that, you might be worried about how to not sound like the cheesy school applicant? That’s not a big deal just follow a few things.

  • Don’t add irrelevant information or points even while explaining any story or incident.
  • Stick to the essay topic religiously, don’t deviate from it. 
  • Refrain from explaining your future plans and academic qualification in the Personal essay for nursing admission. Just write precise information and follow the pattern, it would be more than enough. 
  • Underscore your skills and interest to get admission but avoid the usage of pleading words or lines in your statement of purpose.

Must have points in Nursing Application Essay:

A common concern of all the nursing college aspirants is that what they should actually write in their letter of intent. Follow a simple pattern, Introduction, Main Content /Body of Essay, and Conclusion. You might think of it as a basic pattern and yes, it is, but it’s the most appropriate pattern for your statement of purpose. The introduction and conclusion will help the reader to get an idea of your whole application. It will intrigue the readers to consider your application for further processing. 

  • Read and follow the outline for school admission.

The first and foremost step is to read the outlines given for the letter of motivation. As the guidelines and pattern of application letter for nursing institution vary from one school or program to another. What will happen if you won’t bother considering the pattern? The admission committee would also not bother considering your application for admission.

  • Plan your application pattern.

Did you just start writing your essay without any planning? That’s the first mistake you are doing which can lead to a poorly written statement of purpose. Spend time on planning as you plan for your vacation or tours. And don’t just plan in your head, start writing important points. Following those points, you would be able to write the best and convincing personal statement for admission to the nursing institutions.

  • Present your interest in an appealing way.

Don’t plead for the selection, rather be unique and share your interest in the admission as a dream or goal. The goal you are working for with a positive intention. It’s better to describe a few of your prominent works or volunteer programs (if you have participated) in this section of your college letter of intent.

  • Show the value of Nursing.

The nursing college entrance essay is intended to choose the best candidate as well as the one who values this profession. Nursing is a profession that needs some specific qualities in a person like politeness and selfless nature. So, you must showcase that side of your nature along with your knowledge.

Nursing has never been just a job. It is entwined in the values of empathy and respect, and the connections we make with our patients.”

– Christine Shultz

Have you ever served someone or done something extraordinary for a stranger? That’s a plus point. You can write that story in your statement of purpose. Don’t drag the story to explain each aspect in detail, only write about how you serve and what was the intention behind it. 

  • Write about your academic qualification.

Your application letter might have your academic records attached to it. But ask yourself does that explain your experiences, knowledge, or practices? I am sure the answer will be no, hence it’s better to explain what you have learned or gained from your academic journey through your application letter. 

  • Why that School?

The admission committee is always interested in hearing or reading the importance of their school. Why you are choosing that particular school for this program when there are a lot of options to choose from? Convey your reason for choosing that school in your letter of motivation. Whether your friend or a family member has recommended that school, just let them know. 

What type of essays for admission to the nursing institution is rejected?

Well, firstly keep that in mind that whoever is reading your letter is a thoroughly professional and experienced person. Therefore he/she would be able to evaluate your intentions, knowledge, and expertise just through your letter of intent. And that is precisely what the monograph intends to do. So the time and effort you spend in other academic activities, allocate the same for your statement of purpose.

The chart on the number of qualified applicants that are turned away

Topic matters but not as much as your effort. Choose any topic that is productive and relevant to the work you have done. Never rewrite your motivation letter, I said never. That will reject your application, and why would they select a candidate who couldn’t even write an application for admission. That will impart your non-seriousness towards the admission.

Should you consult any professional for help for writing a college personal statement?

That’s totally up to you. A motivation letter for nursing college is no doubt very important. If you think you won’t be able to do justice to it, then you should definitely consult a professional. Our team of professionals from every field and a medical writer can guide you better than any other.