Nursing Paper Topics for Essays and Journals

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We will need 9 million nurses and caregivers by 2030 across the world to maintain our health. They will play an important role in caring for the sick and ailing. Nurses also promote health and work to prevent disability and illnesses. 

However, they don’t just attend to the sick. They also contribute at managerial and administrative levels to ensure optimal clinical outcomes. 

Moreover, caregivers play an essential part in research and advancing medical science. As a result, they need to write research papers and journals. Students aiming to pursue the profession also need to write assignments and articles. 

Therefore, the demand for exciting nursing essay topics is high. Are you also looking for ideas to write a nursing essay?

In this blog, we will present 100+ ideas to craft impressive papers for your college or research. These ideas are currently in debate and discussion in academic circles worldwide. 

But before that, let’s go over a few considerations on how to choose the best topics in nursing. 

How to Zero In on the Perfect Nursing Essay Topic

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From an infinite number of topics, medical students need to snatch out relevant endeavors. It is necessary to choose something that you are familiar with or passionate about. The steps below will help you find the right idea for your project:

Find Topics that Interest You

A student or a nurse will have many areas of interest. They can be the ideal source of inspiration for your writing assignment. 

Make a list of ideas that you are fond of. Next, narrow down your list to the 3 – 5 best ideas. 

Understand Your Subject

Pick an idea from your shortlist and collect all available information on the topic. You can research online or read books to get familiar with the concept you are going to describe.

Make a note of what other authors have opined. It will allow you to find areas or gaps that you can take up in your paper. 

Make Your Selection

Your homework will give you an idea of the best titles to write about. So, pick the one you think is the best as per your knowledge and capability. 

Another consideration is the available literature. Your project may not be credible if you cannot provide valid data or evidence. 

In that case, you will need to perform empirical research. You investigate your thesis through surveys, experiments, and the like. 

The findings will help you back up your arguments and claims. 

Nursing Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive paper presents logical arguments to promote an opinion or idea. It uses emotional appeal to analyze a point of view and deliver your thoughts. 

You can begin your writing with a question or view you explore in your journal. However, you should always assist your arguments with valid data. 

Moreover, build a strong statement and use current research and anecdotal experience. Your university or publication may ask for an annotated bibliography

Sample Persuasive Nursing Essay Titles

Below are a few ideas you can explore when you write your persuasive essay:

  1. The Unfavorable Workload of Nurses
  2. The Benefits of Advanced Nursing Education
  3. Ethical Dilemmas of the Caregiving Profession
  4. Men vs. Women: The Role of Gender in Healthcare
  5. Nursing Ethics: A Curse or a Boon?
  6. Free Will for Caregivers — Legal Nuances
  7. Can COVID-19 Impact Mental Well-being?
  8. Cholesterol: The Bad Guy or the Good Guy?
  9. Is Drug Addiction a Habit?
  10. Are Nurses Inferior to Physicians?
  11. Addressing the Pay Gap between Doctors and Caregivers
  12. The Role of Culture in Medical Practice
  13. Should Nurses Be Obligated to Care for Rude Patients?
  14. The Importance of Mindfulness in Caregiving
  15. Dealing with Emotions in Clinical Settings
  16. Bullying in Healthcare Institutions
  17. Nurse Burnout: A Problem Often Ignored
  18. The Gap between Nursing Courses and Profession
  19. Should Nurses Abandon Patients?
  20. Cultural Barriers to Caregiving
  21. The Importance of Mental Wellbeing for Caregivers
  22. Should Medical Professionals Always Tell the Truth to Patients? 
  23. Social Media and Nurses: How It Affects Caregiving
  24. The Place of Religion in Caregiving
  25. Information Science and Healthcare: How Both Help Achieve Better Clinical Outcomes

Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay investigates a topic. It involves several steps, like research, data collection, and analysis. In addition, you should take a position and argue your reasons with well-grounded evidence. 

A thesis statement is necessary for this type of writing. You prove or disprove your thesis by presenting legit arguments in your favor. 

As a result, argumentative essays are based on empirical research. It can be:

  • surveys;
  • interviews;
  • experiments;
  • observations.

You should get familiar with the different points of view about your topic to form a thorough understanding. It allows you to provide sound reasoning for your argumentative essay.

Sample Argumentative Topics Nursing

Below are a few argumentative nursing topics to write about:

  1. Caring for the Homeless: Ethical Issues
  2. The Implications of Race of Patient for Caregivers
  3. Should More Men Become Nurses?
  4. Are Western Health Standards Applicable to the World?
  5. Do Nursing Courses Need an Extra Year?
  6. Should Nurses Practice More Autonomy?
  7. Traditional vs. Holistic Treatment Approaches
  8. Should the US Adopt European Working Models?
  9. The Need for Government Funding for Stem Cell Research
  10. The Implications of Psychiatric Nursing
  11. Patients vs. Parents: Choosing Priorities
  12. The Legal Restrictions of Caregiving
  13. The Vulnerability of Nurses to Health Risks
  14. Why is Nursing Female-Centric?
  15. Does Increased Working Hours Result in Improved Productivity?
  16. Nurses vs. Doctors: Who Practices More Empathy?
  17. The Challenge of Racial Discrimination in Caregiving
  18. Should Home Nursing Be Widely Adopted?
  19. Why I Want to Become a Nurse
  20. The Optimal Age for an Organ Transplant
  21. Should Religion Impact Medical Laws?
  22. The Reason for Not Disclosing the Gender of Fetus to Parents
  23. The Boundaries of Patient-Nurse Relationship
  24. The Importance of Preventive Medicine
  25. Should Healthcare Be So Expensive?

Nursing Descriptive Essay Topics

Nursing narrative or descriptive essays reveal a particular event or concept thoroughly. It can also describe emotions, objects, clinical practices, and ethics. 

Sometimes, you may even write about abstract concepts, like workplace cultural shocks. 

Descriptive writing is a more creative form of professional communication. You should write original content in a creative way to establish strong appeal.

Moreover, you should consider your experience to generate meaningful insights. 

Students often need to write descriptive essays as a part of their curriculum. In addition, nurses may also write descriptive narratives about their experience and work. 

A nursing leadership essay can also be descriptive. 

Example Descriptive Nursing Topics

You can try the following descriptive nurse essay topics for your project:

  1. The Fundamentals of Caregiving
  2. The Career of Nurses
  3. Leadership Role of Nurses
  4. Managerial Aspects of Caregiving
  5. The Significance of Continuing Education for Medical Staff
  6. The Place of Creativity in Nursing
  7. The Role of Soft Skills in Patient Management
  8. Hiring Trends in Caregiving
  9. Pain Management in Critical Patients
  10. A Day in Your Life
  11. The Basics of Wound Dressing
  12. Mental Impact of Autoimmune Diseases
  13. Remote Caregiving in Post-COVID Times
  14. The Barriers to Caregiving in Rural Areas
  15. The Role of Stress Management for Patients
  16. The Health Risks of Environmental Pollutants
  17. Controlling Infections at the Workplace
  18. Genetic Factors of Depression
  19. Ethical Considerations of Infertility Treatment
  20. Becoming a Doctor from a Caregiver
  21. Modern Technological Trends in Nursing
  22. Caring for Seniors: Challenges and Implications
  23. Vaccination Protocols for Children
  24. Weight Management Programs for Obese Patients
  25. The Role of Sports Medicine 

Nursing Controversial Essay Topics

Nurses work in real-life situations. As a result, they deal with different challenges and ethical dilemmas in the workplace. 

Moreover, there are many controversial subjects in medical science. For example, the use of euthanasia is still debated in different circles. It is not only limited to medicine but also to personal rights and politics.

Caregivers are one of the best people to write on such issues. They can provide first-hand experience and personal insights to build up strong arguments. 

Moreover, they can bring the right solution to overcome the problem in many cases. 

Don’t be afraid to try out some controversial ideas for your assignments in college or university. Moreover, caregivers can write on such concepts to boost their portfolio and reputation.

Controversial Medical Essay Topics

The following controversial nursing topics about health can be excellent inspiration:

  1. The Opioid Crisis in Healthcare
  2. Should Caregivers Work Mandatory Overtime?
  3. Managing Anti-Vaccine Dilemmas
  4. The Use of Medical Marijuana
  5. Should Euthanasia Be Legal Worldwide?
  6. Dealing with Workplace Violence
  7. When Should a Nurse Abandon a Patient?
  8. Protecting Children’s Right to Privacy
  9. Spirituality vs. Medical Science
  10. Patient Addiction to Prescription Drugs
  11. Can a Nurse Work Without Empathy?
  12. Is the Physician Always Right?
  13. Making End-of-Life Decisions for Mentally Unstable Patients
  14. Obesity in Nurses — The Implications
  15. The Ethical Nuances of DNA Banking
  16. Should We Clone Humans?
  17. The Effectiveness of Weight Loss Surgery in Young Patients
  18. How Many Hours Should Nurses Work in a Day?
  19. Racial Discrimination at the Workplace
  20. The Toxic Patterns of Nurse Leadership
  21. Can Robots Replace Caregivers in the Future?
  22. The Dilemma of Self-Medication among Medical Staff
  23. Hiring Ex-Convicts as Caregivers
  24. Alternative Therapies and their Effectiveness
  25. Defamation Among Caregivers

How to Write Stellar Nursing Essays

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We have discussed how to select a title to write your assignment. Now, we will provide a few tips that will help you write like a pro. 

Perform Thorough Research

Research is the first step to writing an excellent paper. Read all available literature on your topic from scholarly publications like PubMed and BMJ. You can also look up books and articles in your library. 

Research all points of view to form a solid understanding. It will help you present your opinions logically with valid arguments. 

Create an Outline

Essay topics about health should be equipped with an outline. You need to make a rough draft of the main sections you are going to include in your journal. 

Additionally, note down the arguments and claims you will make. It is also a good idea to write down the resources or links you will use for each argument.

Write Your Essay on Nursing

Now comes the time to convert your nursing ideas into words. Use your outline to write your essay so that you can stay on track. 

Your paper should contain the following:

  • An introduction explaining what you are going to discuss (you can also include your thesis statement), 
  • At least three paragraphs in the body where you discuss your arguments and thesis, 
  • A conclusion describing your position and final thoughts. 

It is a good practice to use in-text citations for evidence you provide in your paper. Don’t forget to include a detailed bibliography at the end. 

Students are to stick to the instructions given by their professors. Make sure your paper is formatted according to the requested citation style (APA, MLA, and so on).

Proofread Your Essay About Nursing

The final step is to proofread your essay. Look for spelling and grammatical mistakes and clumsy sentence constructions. 

You can use a free tool like Grammarly to proofread your work. There is no need to subscribe to the pro version: the free option is enough. Give your paper a final edit to make it look flawless. 


Regardless of your field of activity, being able to choose a catchy topic is worth a lot. Even if it seems to you that everything has already been studied, look at the subject from different perspectives. Many new facets of even a deeply studied topic can open up.