Top 6 Tips on Writing a Letter of Intent for Nursing School

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Enrollment in the nursing profession is quite a challenging task. About half of the prospective students are rejected by nursing schools. However, the demand for qualified specialists is always high. The nursing field attracts many eager candidates, providing them with an opportunity to realize their objectives and come into the spotlight as professional nurses. 

And the very first step to it is a letter of intent for a nursing school. But the selection run can turn out to be a really competitive process. Eight out of ten applications are turned away, but becoming a lucky one is always possible. That is why it is so important to make your application essay stand out. 

But why are nursing programs so selective? The first reason is that the educational process itself is pretty tough. You have to prove yourself in a classroom and demonstrate your skills in practice as well. The second reason is that nursing is a very responsible profession that requires a great deal of endurance and self-control. Professional nurses face challenges and tough calls on a regular basis, and just a few people can take it. And the last reason is that prospective nurses deal with a lot of stress during the study process, which can only be compared with things they are going to face in practice. So, there is much pressure. 

Anyway, it is true that writing a good letter of intent is one of the most difficult steps to enter into the profession. It is meant to demonstrate why you are the most worthy candidate for the nursing program. It has much in common with a cover letter but instead, you apply for a student position.

So, how to write a perfect nursing application essay and make it a success? Let’s sort it out in detail!

How to start the letter of intent

starting a letter

To start a letter of intent in a proper way, remember when and why you decided to become a nurse. What was the primary reason? Maybe you worked as a volunteer in a local hospital when it occurred to you. Or you always dreamed of taking care of those who need this. There can be a hundred reasons, so write them down, you will need them later.

Then think about what you have already done for becoming a nurse. You could take online courses to understand the specificity of this profession. Or maybe you read some books and guides to learn and understand the basics. It is important to mention as well because that will help you convince the recruiter you deserve the chance to be a nurse.

The letter of intent for a nursing school should correspond to the formal criteria of a standard business letter. Thus, you need to start it with the correct address and salutation. Then you should introduce yourself and state the reason for the letter. It is important to make your introduction sound clear and concise. The reasons you have identified earlier will help you explain and illustrate why you are the best candidate for the nursing program. 

If you have any certificates or documentation proving your achievements you’d better attach them to your letter. This will provide a reader with clear and satisfying arguments. In your application essay be polite, professional, and respectful. In the concluding part, you need to thank the recipient for his/her time. Do not hesitate to highlight your subtle anticipation of getting positive feedback. Before sending your letter, make sure it is signed off and proofread that.

What should the letter of intent demonstrate? First, a good application essay shows your ability to take care of people. Second, you need to convince the reader that you have sufficient knowledge for being a student. Also, it is important to demonstrate that you are passionate about the profession. Even if you do not have experience in voluntary work, you still can convince the recruiter that you are worth it.

The length of an application essay is about 500-1000 words. That is quite enough for making a good impression. But it is strongly recommended to plan your letter carefully. A proper draft can help you organize your thoughts and main arguments.

What to Include in a statement of purpose

what to include

The letter of intent for a nursing school is an obligatory part of an admissions packet. And as it gives you an opportunity to illustrate your strengths, the application essay is also a strong argument for the admissions committee. Thus, to make it a success, you need to organize it in a proper way.

There is a set of rules you should follow to multiply your chances of success. So, guidelines, articles, and other materials on writing letters of intent might help you to understand the specificity of this kind of paper. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to the criteria according to which the admission committee estimates it. 

What should the letter of intent consist of?

  • Arguments why you are interested in nursing;
  • Reasons for applying for a nursing program;
  • Your professional objectives as a nurse;
  • Preparations you have already done to become a nurse (voluntary work, reading professional literature, etc.);
  • Personal achievements demonstrating your skills and knowledge (for example, test scores);
  • Additional experience with patient care and medical training;
  • Your academic interests;
  • Character traits that will help you become a good nurse;
  • Clear arguments for accepting your application.

That is highly important to keep the tone of your application essay equally professional as positive. So, you’d better end it on a good note. And do not forget to leave the contact information!

Tips to power up letter of intent


The application process in nursing schools is tough and challenging. Only half of the applicants get the chance to join the program. So, the core task of your letter of intent is to impress the admissions committee and to convince them that you are the best choice. Just keep in mind that you will have another chance only the next year. 

Before sending your application essay, make sure it is free from errors, has the proper structure, spelling, and format. What else matters while writing a letter of purpose? The following tips will help you to power up your application essay.

1. Observe the instructions and follow them

There are some obligatory criteria for letters of intent. And they may vary in different nursing schools. So, before you start writing, check on the requirements carefully. The website of the institution usually provides applicants with obligatory requirements and recommendations on the application essay. 

2. Filter out information

The letter of intent is quite a brief format. Do not overload it with unnecessary details, constructions, and so on. Avoid providing your readers with information that is not related to the point. Remember, it should be structured and clear. 

3. Provide sufficient personal details

Start your letter of purpose with a brief introduction. It should include some important information about you like the school where you studied, the year of completion, credentials and so on. Also, mention why you chose a particular program, even if you apply for several programs.

4. Explain your choice

You chose the particular nursing school not without a reason. So, provide your reader with some strong arguments. You can mention how you have found out about the program, and why you have paid attention to it. A bit of flatter will not spoil your letter. Then explain why you are a worthy candidate. The admissions committee should see your potential. Thus, if you have any accomplishments, do not hesitate to list them.

5. Ask for feedback

Your future depends on the decision of the admissions committee, so it is pretty reasonable to request a reply in the conclusion. It will demonstrate to the reader your desire to study in this particular nursing school. Also, it is recommended to express your willingness to pass an interview.

6. Proofread the letter

After you finished your letter of intent, make sure it is clear, grammatically correct, and structured. It should sound logical and consistent as it is meant to demonstrate that you are a promising candidate. If you have any doubt about the quality of writing, do not hesitate to apply to a professional custom writing service.


Professional nurses are highly demanded, but to get a chance to study nursing you need to write a successful letter of intent. Meeting the formal requirements is an integral part of a good application essay. But it does not come down to it. Demonstrating your strengths, personality, writing skills, and credentials is the key to success.

Creating a good letter of intent is as challenging as the educational process in nursing school is. But that is not the reason to lose courage. Overall, this is a great chance to approve of yourself. Anyway, if you have any problems with writing an application essay or any kind of academic work in nursing you can always apply to a professional nursing essay writing service such as Get Nursing Essay. Experts will help you to make your letter of intent a success.