How to Write an Outstanding Personal Statement on Child Nursing

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If you want to be enrolled in the nursing program, you will definitely have to prepare a good personal statement. This is a challenging task that requires lots of time and effort. Thus, it is important to check all the details and start working on the paper in advance.

Lots of students wonder how to prepare a remarkable paper that will help them stand out among rivals. They search for useful tips and want to know more about the structure of such an essay. 

This article will describe the main peculiarities of child nursing admission essays. It will also offer a list of steps that will help you write an outstanding paper.  

Let’s start with the structure of such types of essays.  

How Admission Essay On Child Nursing Should Look

structure of personal statement on child nursing
Structure of personal statement on child nursing

Like any other personal statement, the one for the nursing program is usually divided into three main parts:

  • introduction;
  • body paragraph (that can be divided into several parts);
  • conclusion.

The opening line should be remarkable and catchy. Briefly tell about yourself and state why you want to be enrolled in the course. 

Focus on your credentials, goals, and skills in the body paragraph. Use as many relevant examples as possible. The main point is to convince the admission committee that you perfectly fit this position. 

Your conclusion should overview the main ideas mentioned throughout the essay. Also, briefly describe your future goals and explain how you can contribute to the field of study you’ve picked. 

Why This Paper Is Important For Your Application

Sometimes students underestimate the importance of this paper and don’t take it seriously. However, a personal statement for child nursing plays a huge role in your application. 

First of all, it lets you describe your professional achievements and strength. It also defines personality traits that are vital for your future career. Secondly, it helps you show why the admission committee should pick you among others. Moreover, it increases your chances of getting accepted. 

How To Create A Remarkable Nursing Statement Paper In 6 Steps

So, now you understand that such papers can make your application stronger. But what to do if you’ve read plenty of articles but still have no idea how to prepare such an essay? Check these child nursing personal statement writing tips:

  1. Get Acquainted With The Format And Check Several Samples

    Lots of students feel lost when they need to prepare such essays for the first time. They don’t know how to start, what to include, and how to structure the paper. Luckily, there are plenty of admission essay examples for such programs available online. 

    The best idea is to read several samples and write down their main pros and cons. You will not only get a better understanding of the structure and format but also come up with ideas for your paper. 

  2. Stay Focused And Plan Your Work

    Create a thorough plan of your work so that you don’t waste time on procrastination. Lots of young people prefer to leave their assignments for later. They mistakenly believe they will have enough time to complete them before the deadline.

     Nevertheless, it is difficult to pull yourself together and push to write the whole statement at a time. Thus, it is better to divide your writing into several steps and set the deadlines for each one.

  3. Create An Outline Of Your Future Paper

    Don’t rush to write a paper, as it is better to create an outline at first. It will help you realize what to write in each part of the paper. Also, you will have more time to think over the examples you want to include. Ensure that they all are relevant and strong enough to make you stand out among other competitors.

  4. Ensure That You Include Only Relevant Information

    It is important to create a memorable and catchy admission essay that will perfectly determine all your strong points. However, you shouldn’t overdo and describe your whole life since childhood. Ensure that you include the things that are related to your future profession. They should somehow define your success and achievements in the field.

  5. Pay Attention To The Structure

    Even though an admission essay is a chance to share your story, don’t neglect the structure and format. Strictly follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the college. Don’t forget to check the requirements for such papers. 

    Remember that you need to divide your paper into logical parts:

    present yourself and explain your intentions in the introduction part
    share your knowledge, experience, achievements, and future goals in the main part
    overview all the ideas and explain how you can contribute to this field in the conclusion

    Sometimes students wonder how to determine relevant experiences and hobbies. They want to know what they shouldn’t include. Don’t worry; it is pretty simple. Just mention all the things that are connected to the field of study. For example, you’ve had a chance to take part in any volunteer programs for children. Share this experience and emphasize that you enjoyed spending time with kids and helping them. 

    Or, probably, there was a special story that let you understand that you want to become a children’s nurse. Share it in your paper and verify it proves why you are a perfect match for the program. 

  6. Spend Some Time On Editing And Proofreading

    As preparation of such papers takes lots of time, most students prefer to omit this part. Consequently,  they get statements that are full of grammar and punctuation mistakes.  

    The best idea is to take some time and rest for a while after the paper is ready.  Go for a walk,  meet your friends,  or listen to your favorite podcasts.  As soon as you feel that your energy is back,  take a look at the statement.  Ensure that it is well-structured,  logical,  and doesn’t contain any errors. 

    By the way,  if you want to be 100% sure that your paper is perfect,  ask for professional editing help.  In this case,  top experts will overview the paper and help you improve it. 


To conclude,  writing a good admission essay for a nursing program that will help you stand out among competitors is a challenging task.  Students need to create remarkable papers that will describe their strengths and potential.

It is vital to ensure that a personal statement is well-structured and logical. And that it contains only relevant information. It should have plenty of examples that will show that you are the best candidate for the program. 

Sometimes students wonder if there is a possibility to get a perfect paper written by professionals. Luckily, there are lots of reliable writing companies that are glad to offer such a service. They will provide you with a high-quality admission essay for the children’s nursing program in the shortest period of time. All that you have to do is to place your order in advance and provide recommendations and guidelines.