101 Most Popular Nursing Research Topics for Nursing Students

What is the importance of nursing research?

This might be the first question that pops in your mind regarding research. So, let me address this first. In simpler words, research is the foundation of your nursing program. You might have performed an experiment or proved a theory during your academic program as part of the research. This research is reflected in the form of a report. That’s why dissertation ideas are the first and foremost thing to select very wisely.

Elderly person and a nurse

Considerable tips while choosing nursing school research paper ideas

I have compiled a list of good research topics. But before that, I would suggest considering a few things that would help you in choosing the right topic for your nursing research. 

  • Would you like reading papers on the same topics for years? Obviously not. So, don’t stick to the conventional and redundant nursing research paper topics. Be productive and choose the one from updated and latest topics
  • Don’t go for easy topics for your research. Rather look up the most relevant and interesting topics. Choose the one that you think best suits your interest and practice.
  • Also, don’t try to be over-smart by going for the most difficult research topics. Besides writing, you’d need to conduct a lot of research on your topic so don’t go for the difficult one. Smartly choose the one that is more relevant to your interest.
  • Be unique. You have your own mind and skills that need to be addressed in your research. Academic paper ideas are just to serve as an inspiration for you. Refrain from copying the same research paper with different wording. Readers would never prefer to read the rephrased already published research.
  • Sometimes it’s better not to choose the extensive research paper topics. That would of course highlight your daring, but the research class might not be the right place to show that. The only way to go with the broader topic is if your professor approves and appreciates your proposed research topics.
  • Don’t hesitate if you need any professional help. You can ask for help from any of the seniors or instructors. You can also get professional help from the 

Top 101 research ideas for nursing students

After a lot of digging, we have evaluated a comprehensive list of research topics related to nursing. You can choose any of these topics that are more relevant to your interest and nursing program. 

Mental health-related project topics:

As you know mental health issues are increasing with every passing day. So, why not choose your paper topic on mental health. But remember these topics are a bit sensitive and require updated information regarding the topic. That is why choosing from psychiatric topics can be challenging. You need to do a lot of research on the latest statistics and figures.

  • How effective is aromatherapy for depression and stress?
  • Impact of video games on mental health.
  • Changes in the human psyche with growing age.
  • What leads to stress among police forces?
  • Ethical standards for a nurse dealing with depression patients.
  • What’s the reason behind the increasing ratio of anxiety disorders?
  • Is alcohol addiction an aftereffect of severe stress or depression?
  • Early-stage treatments for a dementia patient.
  • Emergency measures for self-harm and suicidal patients.
  • What’s the role of a nurse in treating psychological disorders?
  • Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Emotional challenges in mental health nursing

Women’s health topics:

Women are prone to more health issues than men. From hormonal to physical health issues, you can choose any of the possible topics from women’s healthcare. I would not suggest choosing any surgical titles. Because some of the women’s surgical topics are very extensive and hence you might face difficulty in research.

  • Protective measures for ovarian disorders.
  • How helpful screening procedures are in breast cancer?
  • Does sleep disorder signify something serious regarding women’s health?
  • Premenstrual syndrome affects mental and physical health.
  • Does menopause increase the risk of osteoporosis?
  • Precautionary measure and treatment of acne in females.
  • Hormonal imbalance and weight gain.
  • How can a nurse help the domestic violence victim?

Childcare or pediatric ideas:

Take my advice seriously. And choose a topic on pediatrics only if you are very enthusiastic about your research. Sometimes you choose the simplest pediatric topics, but it proves out to be very difficult. Do not pick the topics without doing your homework. Once you’ve done your due diligence on the relevant ideas, then gradually narrow it down to one idea. And finally, you are ready to put your hands to work.

  • Pediatric vaccinations.
  • How to prevent nutrition deficiency in pediatrics?
  • The leading cause of child death.
  • What improvements or arrangements are required in the pediatric ward?
  • Helping young mothers in infants’ care.
  • Is pediatric nursing harder than adult nursing?
  • Care regime while treating pediatric diseases.
  • Survival risk in pediatric cancer patients. 
  • Preventions and risk rate of intestinal parasites in children.
  • How to treat the common cold in children?
  • Pediatric death ratio in your country or city.
  • Care practices for premature babies.
  • How to treat obesity in children?
  • What psychological facets are required in a pediatric nurse?

Topics for Adult nursing research:

Adult nursing research project ideas are the most chosen ones for nursing research. The reason might be the belongingness of that age group. As you might be in that age bracket and have encountered some issues. So, these titles for adults can be closely related to your personal experience. And what else you need in your draft if you can relate that to your situation.

  • What causes anxiety disorders in adults?
  • Migraine treatment and precautions.
  • Does chest pain in adults symbolize some major disease?
  • Emergency measures while handling cases of the road accident.
  • Precautionary measures to control blood pressure.
  • Why is chronic heartburn becoming a common issue among adults?
  • Which mental illness is common in adults?
  • Curbed mobility after fractures.
  • Dental care.
  • Widespread reason for bipolar disorders.
  • Therapies needed to maintain the body’s mobility after accidents.

Elderly care thesis ideas:

Elderly patients need a lot of care. That means you have a lot of elderly care research titles in the nursing domain. You can also opt from emergency topics concerning elders and nursing ethics paper ideas.

Elderly care

Few nursing thesis ideas for elderly care are listed below.

  • How to care for elderly patients having Joint Disorders?
  • Early symptoms of aging senses (seeing, hearing) loss.
  • Dying patients care methods.
  • Restless Legs Syndromes.
  • How to prevent strokes in elderly people?
  • How to reduce cardiovascular risks.
  • What causes malnutrition in elderly people.
  • Early warning symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Chances of atrial fibrillation in elders.
  • How to prevent bladder cancer?

Obstetric nursing dissertation ideas:

Obstetric involves topics of labor and delivery that are always in trend. Critical care dissertation topics for childbirth is always a hot topic in discussion. Your personal experience of childbirth in your family can also help to gather a lot of informative data. Choose wisely from the proposed topics mentioned below and work on it.

  • Awareness sessions for new mothers.
  • Risk factors in preterm labor.
  • What precautionary measures are important in an unplanned cesarean section?
  • Hypertension and other mental issues in pregnancy.
  • When does a pregnant woman need epidural?
  • What factors are increasing death risk in newborns?
  • Unhealthy habits to avoid in pregnancy.
  • How to stabilize blood glucose levels in pregnant ladies?
  • Does aromatherapy help a laboring woman?
  • How safe is elective induction for laboring?

Thesis proposition for a nursing career:

Nursing as a career is your choice. But I am sure that this choice might be influenced by a special cause. Remember that every topic should reflect your purpose and interest in the nursing career. Whether it’s from ideas related to ICU nursing or topics about community. A very few students bother to work on it. But if you are doing, your work would definitely be appreciated. What else is better than a good research paper topic related to your career? That will show your supervisor how dedicated you are in your career.

  • Ethics and norms of nurses for mentally unstable patients.
  • Can a nurse prescribe medication in the absence of a doctor?
  • Legal issues faced by nurses in your country.
  • How can a nurse hold their mental pressures and anxiety?
  • Improvements needed in nursing care quality.
  • How much does a nurse serve in the progress of the medical center?
  • Reason for the shortage of nurses in the night shift.
  • Mental therapies to help heal mental stress.
  • Why is cultural sensitivity increasing in nursing staff?
  • Is a nurse liable for wrongly prescribed medication by the doctor?
  • Workplace issues encountered by a nurse.

Which evidence-based practice ideas are trending nowadays?

Wishing to do research that stands out among others? Then these evidence-based themes will definitely help you achieve that. But remember evidence-based work requires a lot of effort. So, before selecting the idea, make up your mind to collect the evidence with full dedication.

  • Acupuncture for treating headaches is more effective than pharmacological intervention.
  • Does exercise help in statin therapy to reduce muscle pain?
  • Most effective treatment for hypertension in diabetic patients.
  • Comparison of mortality and morbidity in heart patients who exercise vs who don’t.
  • Aromatherapy for anxiety and pain in laboring women.
  • Use of Botulinum Toxin Intramuscular injection in relieving restless legs syndrome.
  • What’s the effect of the shortage of men workers in the healthcare department?
  • Medical home nursing services.

Some of the qualitative and quantitative dissertation topics

Qualitative and quantitative proposals are always in trend. One thing to consider while choosing such a topic is the latest statistics. Because quality and quantity change every year in healthcare departments especially. Your supervisor would not like to consider research based on 5 to 6 years old statistics. So, be attentive with your academic draft’s title that needs exact and new figures.

Examples of qualitative titles:

  • Methods used for physical traumas.
  • Common symptoms of bipolar disorder in adults.
  • Is e-health effective in treating patients?
  • Dealing with children with eating disorders.
  • What factors are improved by increasing BSN nurses in healthcare?
  • Most concerning factors in patient security.
  • What qualities are required in treating prisoners?
  • Mental disorders in prisoners. 

Examples of quantitative thesis titles in nursing:

  • Death ratio rate by increasing BSN nursing staff.
  • Statistics to show how effective are behavior modification therapies?
  • Which home remedy is best for blood pressure?
  • The average age of suicidal and self-harm patients.
  • Government budget vs expenses of healthcare department.
  • A number of children who missed vaccinations in your country.
  • Patients visiting free healthcare camps vs paid camps.
  • Age group reporting most acne issues and the most reported cause.
  • Stroke rate due to the consumption of drugs and alcohol.